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When cleaning and decontaminating contaminated turnout gear, you should

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Universal Precautions include all of the following except:

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What is the dilution ratio for bleach when cleaning and decontaminating?

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You must notify the Infection Control Officer and complete the First Report of Injury within how many hours?

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Township Fire department does NOT provide access to the Hepatitis B vaccine

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Which of the following are NOT the three Bloodborne Pathogens of the most concern?

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What is the incubation period for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)?

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Which of the following are types of PPE in Township Fire Departments BBP SOG?

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What is the color of the bag and/or sharps containers used to place contaminated items in within Eau Claire County?

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When treating a patient, when should Personal Protective Equipment be used?

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Other Potentially Infections Material (OPIM) include all of the following except?

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If it is wet and comes from the human body, you should treat it as it is potentially contaminated?

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How can a Bloodborne Pathogen enter your body?

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You can decline the Hepatitis B Vaccine?

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