Washington: Station 2

Station Officers

Battalion Chief
Jared Rico
Andrew Connor
Captain of EMS/Emergicare
Jim Gutsch
Assistant Chief
Aaron Nicholson
Public Information Officer
Jeff Olson
Training & Safety Instructor
Brian Taylor
Asst. Training & Safety Instructor
Zach Junker

About the Town of Washington

The Town of Washington is located along most of southern border of the cities of Eau Claire and Altoona and the Town of Seymour and extends south to the towns of Clear Creek and Pleasant Valley. The town is a unique community with urban to rural neighborhoods, from city-living to our farming roots; the Town of Washington has something for everyone. The three most important reasons why people live in the Town of Washington are: natural beauty, quality neighborhoods and low crime rate.

Approximately 7,314 residents call the Town of Washington home making it the second largest municipality in Eau Claire County. The Town of Washington is 54 square miles, 70%rural and 30% urban and 100miles of roads. School districts included are Altoona, Eau Claire and Fall Creek. The town government is run by a five-member board comprised of one chair person and four supervisors.

Town of Washington Website

Station 2 - Washington
5750 Old Townhall Rd.
Eau Claire, WI 54701