Brunswick: Station 5

Station Officers

Battalion Chief - Kevin Nelson

Emeritus - Josh Liljander

Captain - Larry Wertz

Training & Safety Instructor - Rick Merryfield

About the Town of Brunswick

The Town of Brunswick, founded in 1857, has a population of 1839 people as of 2016. The town is about 23,901 acres in size with predominant land uses being agricultural, residential, quarry, and transportation related. There are 47.45 total town road miles.

The town is served by the Eau Claire Area and Mondovi school districts.

The Town of Brunswick is governed by a town board comprised of elected town residents with monthly meetings held at the historic town hall located at W 5485 County Road Z.

Brunswick is part of the 9th County Supervisor District, the 31st Senate and 93rd Assembly Districts, and 3rd Congressional District.

Station 5 - Brunswick
W5465 Cty Rd. Z
Eau Claire, WI 54701