EMERGICARE is the Emergency Medical Responder (commonly referred to as First Responders) division of Township Fire Department.  Emergicare was formed in 1983 and is made up of a group of Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) that respond at the same time an ambulance is called to the scene of a medical emergency. This could be an auto accident, breathing or heart problems, falls, etc. Emergicare serves the same geographical foot print as Township Fire Department. Currently there are over 50 EMRs serving our area. The need for an EMR organization became evident when responding ambulances could not arrive on the scene of an incident in less than 15 minutes. The rural nature of our community simply did not allow for a faster response.

Today, EMERGICARE has grown to a caseload of over 850 responses each year.To meet the growing medical needs of our community, the EMR’s train with the area hospitals, a medical director and the paramedic Ambulance Service of the Eau Claire Fire Department. Each EMR is equipped with a two-way radio to allow them to communicate with the 911 Center, the arriving ambulance or on line medical control if further medical advice is required. Each EMR also carries an advanced first aid kit, oxygen, and other items needed for various responses.  

EMERGICARE was originally licensed by the State in 1983. Prior to becoming Chief of TFD, Jack Running was named Chief of Rescue and put in charge of EMERGICARE. In 1998, Okie Allen replaced Jack and in January of 2005, Joe Alf was promoted to the position of Chief of Rescue.

All EMERGICARE members are State Certified EMRs. They are trained in the use of defibrillators, advanced airways, epinephrine, albuterol and other lifesaving medications and procedures. To maintain their certification, all EMRs attend monthly training as-well-as a bi-annual certified refresher course.