About the Department

It is my pleasure to serve the citizens of the area served by Township Fire Department. I have been a proud member of this outstanding organization for over 45 years, and I follow in the footsteps of former Chiefs Dave Olson, Dick Deilke, Marshall Horlacher, and Jack Running. I pledge to do my best to make sure we move forward with the foresight of the founders of this department. I’m honored to serve alongside the talented and dedicated members of the department from the Towns of Seymour, Washington, Union, Pleasant Valley, and Brunswick. We are here to serve and protect our friends and neighbors.

Kerry Parker, Chief, Township Fire Department

Mission Statement

Township Fire Department, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization that provides effective fire suppression and services to the residents of the Towns of Seymour, Washington, Union, Pleasant Valley and Brunswick in an efficient and professional manner.

Vision Statement

To be recognized in the immediate community and statewide as a progressive leader in providing professional fire and rescue services to the residents and visitors of our community.

Dignity Statement

To treat all members of the department and all members of the community with dignity and respect. This is accomplished by timely response, compassion, cooperation, and respect for everyone.