Q – How do I know what the wind speed is?

A – The fire department uses The National Weather Service as the official weather reporting station for our area. You may check current and past wind speeds at

Q – Can I have a campfire?

Yes. You may have a campfire whenever you would like. Whereas, open burning is not permitted after midnight, Sundays, and holidays, you may have a campfire anytime. However, your campfire must meet the definition of a campfire. A campfire should be less than 5 feet in diameter, have some sort of containment (in a pit, burn ring, stones, blocks, etc.), and be used for cooking, heating and recreational purposes. Rarely, campfires may be banned during extremely dry weather. This usually occurs during DNR-declared “red flag” days.

Q – What items can I burn?

A – You may burn yard refuse, brush, leaves, stumps, garden waste and like materials. Small amounts of personal papers and cardboard may be used to start your brush piles. Clean, unpainted, unstained, and untreated scraps of lumber may also be burned. Household garbage, furniture, animal carcasses, and recyclable materials are not allowed. You can see an entire list of what can be burned and what cannot be burned by clicking the link to see your town ordinance.

Q – When can I burn?

A – Burning is allowed Monday through Friday, from 6 PM to Midnight. Burning is allowed on Saturdays from 8 AM to Midnight. There is no burning on Sundays and holidays. During winter months, with appropriate snow cover, burning may be conducted Monday thru Saturday, from 8 AM to Midnight. Wind speeds must be less than 10 MPH before permits can be issued, and residents can burn. As snow depth and snow cover can vary greatly over the course of the month, there may be winter days where burning is not permitted during the day. A minimum 2 or more inches of even snow cover throughout the county is required. Although you may have what you consider an appropriate amount in your yard may not suffice if other areas nearby have little or no snow cover.